Verification of Competency(VOC)

Course Fee $220.00 

Course Length – 1 Day 

logo-1 VOC (Verification of Competency)


To verify the skills and knowledge of existing Scaffolders who hold a current High Risk Work Licence for SB, SI or SA and where appropriate provide feedback on areas for improvement.


1 day


Attendees must hold a current High Risk Work License for the level they are being skills tested on.

This evaluation is designed for participants that currently hold a high risk license for SB, SI or SA and require a verification of competency.


Participants will be evaluated by way of a theory and practical test that is aligned with the individual’s level of qualification. Where an individual does not display the required skills to pass, HiSkill will give a detailed report on the areas that need focus to the employer, with a copy to the employee.

A Student cannot be deemed competent unless they are able to demonstrate competency in all assessment tasks.


1 day